Wellspring International Education is committed to helping students succeed in a global world. We fulfill that commitment by working with students around the world who wish to study in the United States. We seek out relationships with colleges and universities in the United States and provide international students with a clear path through the application and enrollment process. Wellspring is here to support your goal to study in the United States.”
— Greg Shrader, CEO, Wellspring International

What wellspring offers

  • Partnerships with over 200 colleges, universities, high schools and language programs.

  • Top tier schools consistently ranked in the top 200 of US universities.

  • Locations from Hawaii to California to Texas to New York in the U.S.

  • Locations in Canada, England, and Australia for students looking outside the US.

  • Over 400 international agents recruiting students worldwide.

  • Recruiting services like marketing & sales strategy development; In-market representation; quality assurance & monitoring.

  • The best commissions available.

  • A top-notch staff dedicated to your success.

  • A network of schools, agents, and staff that are thriving!

quad learning

Wellspring International acquired Quad Learning in November, 2018. Quad Learning was founded in 2012, to drive institutional growth and expand student opportunities at leading U.S. colleges and universities. Wellspring is thrilled to work with Quad Learning’s strong network of community colleges. If you are looking for the original Quad Learning website, click here.