SEVIS Policy Update

On June 4, 2019, The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued policy guidance regarding distribution of I-20 Forms. This new policy requires that all U.S. schools issue the I-20 form directly to the student, his or her dependents, or, for minors, to the parent or guardian. In the past, some agents have coordinated the receipt of I-20 packages and VISA interview scheduling, but educational advising agencies are no longer permitted to receive their clients’ I-20 forms directly.

This new guidance may change the way your office works with Wellspring and with students, but we hope to make this an easy process for you. Wellspring will continue to provide the SEVIS number to agents once the I-20 is issued for interview scheduling purposes and we will share the shipping tracking numbers as possible to keep you updated on the status of the acceptance documents.

Wellspring aims to maintain a high-quality organization so that we can all be more successful together!

For a full transcript of the June 4 policy, please click here.

Wellspring in Boulder, Colorado!

STaff Pic.jpg

Wellspring International is pleased to open our newest office in beautiful Boulder, Colorado in the United States. 
Three members of the staff are shown here enjoying the inviting spring weather on famous Pearl Street Mall: Somchai "Kobe" Jogkaew, Aspen Jacoby, and Greg Shrader.
We're excited to continue to grow your business and ours from our new location at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

International Education Number One Priority for US State Department

A recent article from PIE News (Professionals in International Education) highlighted the US’s commitment to having international students in the US.

US assistant secretary of state for ECA, Marie Royce, has promised to do more to support the sector, saying, “We cannot continue with business as usual any longer. We must step up our game.” International education is the number one priority for the US Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, she underlined.

Her deputy, Caroline Casagrande, confirmed that “additional resources” have been secured to promote outbound and inbound study abroad, as they used the IIE Summit in New York City to speak directly to the sector.

In a rousing address, Royce endorsed different routes to US education, noting that a community college or 2+2 route was a viable options open to those without deep pockets.

“Seeing more international students enroll into US colleges and universities is the number one priority for our bureau,” Royce told delegates.

Read the full PIE News article here.

The American Success program through Wellspring International is a highly supported and successful 2+2 model. We recommend the Community Colleges of Philadelphia, Spokane Community Colleges, or Union County College as great options for students looking to further their education in the United States while avoiding some of the higher costs.

Welcome Hofstra University!

Wellspring is pleased to announce a great new option for students. Hofstra University is located in New York in the United States. At Hofstra, students have it all: a campus life and New York City lights! Located just a 45-minute train ride east of New York City, Hofstra is Long Island’s largest private University. It is set within a beautiful green and leafy campus, a short drive from the Long Island beaches.

Hofstra is ranked #140 in US News & World Report's annual list of Best Colleges in the United States.

Hofstra provides unique opportunities for students from all disciplines to get hands-on experience. 73% of students completed an internship before graduating, including MBA and Engineering co-ops with IBM, UPS and even the CIA, while Facebook personally invites Hofstra’s top Computer Science students to one of the world’s most popular cybersecurity events.

Faculty at Hofstra draw upon ongoing professional experiences and scholarly expertise in their respective fields to shape a constantly evolving curriculum that launches students confidently into the rapidly expanding world of communication. 

Hofstra is one of only nine schools in the US to offer the Cyber Security Facebook Program. The Behavioral Science and Market Research Lab allows students within the Zarb Business School to study and research consumers’ physical and psychological behavior which can be applied to business settings, using a brand-new state-of-the-art facility, completed in early 2019. The Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room is one of the largest trading room in the nation with 34 terminals, designed to be identical to those used by leading financial institutions.

The most popular majors at Hofstra University include: Marketing/Marketing Management; Accounting; Psychology; Finance; and Public Relations/Image Management.

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American Success at the Community College of Philadelphia

Four new students arrived from four countries and began classes on January 14th, 2019. Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) Orientation on 1/8/19 included the review of immigration rules and regulations from the Manager of International Student Services, technology support and setup from 4IT Support, information about banking from our on-campus bank, PSECU, and some ice breaker and get-to-know-you activities. American Success Program students also enjoyed lunch together and activities with several returning students and the Success Coach. They began to learn about the value of the American Success Program. Although students just arrived, they are already planning for successful transfer to dream schools.

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A Successful Fall!

Our American Success team and students had an exciting fall. Read up on some highlights for activities and events organized by our programs throughout the Fall term. Now we’re ready to have a great first semester in 2019!

Community College of Philadelphia:

“We had an amazing Fall 2018 semester at the Community College of Philadelphia! Over 65 new and returning students have joined us on campus for this academic year. Though sad to say goodbye, we were happy to see one complete his undergraduate degree this last term. Our semester at CCP was full of events, including university visits, social gatherings, and of course, our annual Dream Big Dinner…”

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Community Colleges of Spokane:

"We had an amazing quarter in Fall 2018! This last term we welcomed back over 95 students, who were joined by 41 new enrollees. Eleven of our students graduated and successfully transferred to four-year schools, including the Pratt Institute (the #6 art school in the world!)..."

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Wellspring Featured in The PIE News

Wellspring’s recent acquisition of Quad Learning is starting to create a buzz. The PIE News—news and business analysis for Professionals in International Education—has written a complimentary article detailing Wellspring’s expansion.

LeRoy Pingho, Quad Learning's CEO was quoted as saying “Our belief in the combination of Quad Learning with Wellspring is further underlined by the fact that our existing investors continue to support the newly merged company.” Pingho added that being part of Wellspring International will help continue the “vision of being a global leader” in enabling students to be the best they can. Colleges and universities will have access to the widest and best group of students to recruit.

Wellspring is honored that major players in the international education field have taken notice of this expansive business move.

>>Read the full article here.

Press Release: Wellspring International has Acquired Quad Learning

Denver, Nov 9, 2018 /PR/

Wellspring International ( has acquired Quad Learning, Inc. (, in an equity and cash transaction. 

Even through recent volatility in foreign student inflows into the United States, the demand for international education continues to grow. Wellspring International Education (“Wellspring”) recruits students from 35 countries globally to over 200 colleges, universities, high schools and language schools in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

With the acquisition of Quad Learning, Wellspring continues to expand its reach, adding Quad Learning’s unique American Success community college partnerships to its program offerings. American Success makes a four-year US degree affordable in international markets by allowing students to begin their studies in a community college honors program.

With the Quad Learning American Success program, Wellspring welcomes The Community Colleges of Spokane as well as The Community Colleges of Philadelphia, our two pioneering Community Colleges in this program.  Wellspring is also pleased to add Quad Learning’s four-year institutions including the University of Arizona, Manhattan College, and Loyola University New Orleans to our highly curated options for students and their parents. 

“Quad Learning, from the time it was founded, has provided students with an impressive set of services - enabling them, their parents, and the Colleges and Universities that they attend to ensure that best possible outcomes for all”, states Dr. Greg Shrader, CEO of Wellspring International.  

LeRoy Pingho, CEO of Quad Learning, says, "We are excited to be part of Wellspring International to continue the vision of being a global leader in enabling students to be the best they can, and for Colleges and Universities to have access to the widest and best group of students to attend these institutions.   Our belief in the combination of Quad Learning with Wellspring is further underlined by the fact that our existing investors continue to support the newly merged company”.

The newly combined teams, both in the United States and around the world, will commence working together immediately in order to provide a seamless transition to the students and institutions that they serve.

Christopher Nyren and Todd Maurer of Educated Ventures (www. advised Quad Learning on its sale.

CONTACT:   Dr. Greg Shrader,