Welcome Hofstra University!

Wellspring is pleased to announce a great new option for students. Hofstra University is located in New York in the United States. At Hofstra, students have it all: a campus life and New York City lights! Located just a 45-minute train ride east of New York City, Hofstra is Long Island’s largest private University. It is set within a beautiful green and leafy campus, a short drive from the Long Island beaches.

Hofstra is ranked #140 in US News & World Report's annual list of Best Colleges in the United States.

Hofstra provides unique opportunities for students from all disciplines to get hands-on experience. 73% of students completed an internship before graduating, including MBA and Engineering co-ops with IBM, UPS and even the CIA, while Facebook personally invites Hofstra’s top Computer Science students to one of the world’s most popular cybersecurity events.

Faculty at Hofstra draw upon ongoing professional experiences and scholarly expertise in their respective fields to shape a constantly evolving curriculum that launches students confidently into the rapidly expanding world of communication. 

Hofstra is one of only nine schools in the US to offer the Cyber Security Facebook Program. The Behavioral Science and Market Research Lab allows students within the Zarb Business School to study and research consumers’ physical and psychological behavior which can be applied to business settings, using a brand-new state-of-the-art facility, completed in early 2019. The Martin B. Greenberg Trading Room is one of the largest trading room in the nation with 34 terminals, designed to be identical to those used by leading financial institutions.

The most popular majors at Hofstra University include: Marketing/Marketing Management; Accounting; Psychology; Finance; and Public Relations/Image Management.

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